Pride, Prejudice and Peril


The first in a new Jane Austen cosy mystery series, Victoria Fomina creates the book cover art. Written by Katie Oliver and published by Penguin Random House, Jane Austen is brought in to the modern world with the first in this new series of cosy mysteries.


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It’s Up to Us


Victoria Fomina contributes to a Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet.

Written by Christopher Lloyd with a foreword by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the book is a voyage through Nature, the threats we face and an action plan for the future.

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Your Journey to Freedom


Victoria Fomina creates mixed media illustrations on a tough topic for Brio Magazine.

Brio Magazine is a publication aimed at teenagers in the US and tackles subjects which are sometimes painful and close to families' lives. For this issue, Victoria was asked to work on illustrations for 'Moving Beyond Secret Ways of Self-Harm', where the magazine wanted to encourage and inspire teen girls affected by this distressing problem through showing the hope message versus the negative direction.

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