Victoria Fomina graduated from Moscow State Academy of Architecture.
Her interests include painting, graphics, design and illustration.
She has illustrated over 50 books for leading publishers. Victoria works for clients around the world including Gallimard Jeunesse, Penguin Random House, Kingfisher, Rizzoli, Grimm Press, Samsung and Vogue.
Her paintings make viewers want to jump down the rabbit hole with her into a charmingly surreal world of detail and colour, crafted in the artist’s unique style. Victoria works with watercolour, gouache and acrylic – fluid media that allow for great spontaneity.


1997 - Russian State Committee of Printing - Winner (Russia)
1998 - The Golden Ostap – First prize (Russia)
1999 - The Golden Pen of Belgrade – First prize (Serbia)
2003 - The Golden Apple Bratislava - First prize (Slovakia)
2009 - Tallinn Illustrators Triennial Power of Pictures - Diploma (Estonia)
2017 - Gold Award, Global Illustration Award - First prize Frankfurt (Germany)
2017 - International Competition Image of the Book - Diploma (Russia)
2017 - Russian Academy of Arts - Diploma (Russia)
2019 - Nami Concours - Purple Island Award (South Korea)
2019 - AOI. Poster Prize for Illustration - London Stories. Shortlist (Great Britain)
2019 - Book Illustration Festival BookILL Fest - Special prize ( Novo Miloševo, Serbia)
2020 - Nomination for The Hans Christian Andersen Award (IBBY)
2021 - International Competition Image of the Book - Prizewinner (Russia)
2021 - American Illustration 40. Winner (USA)

Selected exhibitions

1997 - Biennial of Illustration. Bratislava, Slovakia.
1998 -Selected illustrators from BIB. Hiroko Mori & Stasys Museum. Okumonobe Art museum. Art Gallery of Daiwa Niigata. Baiennosato Art Gallery. Japan.
1998 - Biennale of book graphics. International Biennial of Illustration. Belgrade, Serbia.
1999 - “The Best Book Graphics”. Central House Children's Books, Moscow
2001 - Biennale of European illustrations. Japan.
2001 - Biennale of book graphics. International Biennial of Illustration. Belgrade, Serbia.
2002 - Bologna International Exhibition of illustrations. Bologna International illustration. Bologna, Italy.
2002 - International Book Exhibition. Taipei (Taiwan)
2002 - BIB Japan. Urawa Art Museum. Japan.
2002 - Illustrators of Children's books. Itabashi Art Museum. Tokyo. Japan.
2002 - Participation in a multicultural, multi-media project «Responding to Climat Change" UNFCC
2003 - BIB Japan. Kijo Ehon-no Sato Gallery. Iida City Museum. Japan.
2003 - Bratislava World illustration. Bratislava, Slovakia.
2003 - Power of Pictures. Tallinn. Estonia.
2004 - Bologna International Exhibition of illustrations. Bologna, Italy.
2004 - Illustrators of Children's books. Itabashi Art Museum. Tokyo. Japan.
2005 - Bratislava World illustration. Bratislava, Slovakia.
2005 - "Russian holidays." Geneva. Switzerland.
2005 - “Un automne russe à Bordeaux”. The exhibition of book graphics. France.
2006 - “Power of Pictures”. Tallinn. Estonia.
2006 - Performance "The Birth of things!" Moscow.
2007 - The "Little Tragedies" for the exhibition Isaloni Worldwide. Moscow.
2008 - Exhibition "Clockwork Chicken" in the cultural center "Dom." (With Katya Silina). Moscow.
2009 - “Power of Pictures”. Tallinn. Estonia.
2009 - Exhibition "Five Russian artists." Gallery "Illustratsioonigalerii". Tallinn. Ilon Wikland Museum. Haapsalu. Estonia.
2009 - Project "Millionaires." Millionaire Fair. Moscow.
2010 - "Solo Exhibition “Thumbelina" gallery "Korpus 3". Moscow.
2011 - Sea Fairy Tales. Eurajoki. Finland.
2011 - 2012 "Dear JAPAN. Messages of hope from picture book artists around the world ". Itabashi (Tokyo), Chiyoda (Tokyo), Kanazawa (Ishikawa), Sendai (Miyagi). Japan.
2012 - “Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales”. Kuressaare (Saaremaa). Estonia
2012 - "Two Centuries After". Casa Saraceni. Bologna. Italy.
2013 - Solo Exhibition. Jointly with Katya Silina. Gallery "Illustratsioonigalerii". Tallinn
2013 - “Paper Castles”. Jointly with Katya Silina. Russian State Library for children. Moscow
2013 - Russian illustrators in Frankfurt. Germany
2013 - Solo Exhibition. “Line. Color. Space”. (Jointly with Zurab Tsereteli).
2014 -«English books in Russian style” The Museum of Pushkin. Moscow
2014 - «Bee Art». Gallery Faszination Art. Hamburg.
2014 - Solo Exhibition. «Modny Season” gallery. Moscow
2015 - “Cats in the Manege”. Vladey and Regina gallery. Moscow
2015 - Solo Exhibition. “Art de la Vie”. Moscow.
2015 - «Phantastische Venus» Viechtach, Old City Hall. Germany.
2015 - Solo Exhibition. “VIA” gallery. Moscow
2015 - Solo Exhibition "Two books about Mozart" Litcabinet gallery. Moscow
2015 - «It’s Always Tea-Time». The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. Tallinn. Estonia.
2016 - Solo Exhibition “The New Word”. Serbian embassy, Moscow, Russia
2016 - «It’s Always Tea-Time». Cultural Center Cruselli . Uusikaupunki, Finland.
2017 - «It’s Always Tea-Time». Les Art Center. Berlin. Germany. Baltic Sea Culture Centre. Gdansk, Poland
2017 - “Hans Christian Andersen”. Ivan Fiodorov Gallery. Moscow. Russia
2017 - "GIA". Frankfurter Buchmesse. Frankfurt, Germany
2017 - «It’s Always Tea-Time». Deak 12 Gallery. Budapest, Hungary
2017 - "Marshak". RDGB library. Moscow. Russia
2018 - "It’s Always Tea-Time". Тhe Story Museum. Oxford. Great Britain
2018 - "Art Revolution Taipei" Finalist's artworks of 2018 International Artist Grand Prize. Chan Liu Art Museum. Taiwan
2018 - "Book in heart". Ottepel gellery. Moscow
2018 - "International Biennale of Illustration" Haifa, Israel
2018 - "In taste of clever antiquities" The Museum of V.A. Tropinin and Contemporary Moscow Artists.
Moscow. Russia.
2018 - "Snow White" Beijing International Book Fair. Beijing. China
2019 -"The Poster Prize for Illustration". 100 best illustrations. The London Transport Museum. London. Great Britain
2019 - Solo Exhibition, Bologna Children's Book Fair. Bologna, Italy
2019 - "Nami Concours. Exhibition of competition winners. Seoul, South Korea
2019 - Exhibition of winners of Book Illustration Festival "BookILL Fest" ( Novo Miloševo, Serbia)
2019 - «It’s Always Tea-Time». Gallery "Na Kashirke" Moscow, Russia.
2019 - Solo Exhibition. Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. Frankfurt, Germany
2019 - «All-Russian Festival of Architecture and Design». Central House of Architect, Moscow, Russia
2019 - « It's Like Snow» The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. Tallinn. Estonia.
2019 - «Russian Illustrators Exhibition» Gdansk, Poland
2020 - «It’s Always Tea-Time». Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2020 - “The Weil”. Artis gallery, Winzavod Art Centre, Moscow
2020 - «My Dear Pinocchio», Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea.
2020 - “International Exibition of Illustrations in Haifa”, Haifa, Israel