Victoria Fomina graduated from Moscow State Academy of Architecture.

Her interests include painting, graphics, design and illustration. 
She has illustrated over 50 books for leading publishers.

“I was born in a small town on the coast of the Black Sea, situated among vineyards and gorgeous ruins of ancient Greek and Roman settlements. As a child, I adored diving in the waves and looking for shards of ancient red-figured vases. I liked to draw columns and arches of antique architecture and read old legends and myths.  Books and architecture became intertwined in my life. I graduated from the Academy of Architecture, but the magical art of books has become my passion.

 I like to work with water-based paints - watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. They are mobile and allow spontaneity when I paint. They make miracles happen!”


1997 - Russian State Committee of Printing - Winner (Russia)

1998 - The Golden Ostap – First prize (Russia)

1999 - The Golden Pen of Belgrade – First prize (Serbia)

2003 - The Golden Apple Bratislava - First prize (Slovakia)

2009 - Tallinn Illustrators Triennial Power of Pictures - Diploma (Estonia)

2017 - Gold Award, Global Illustration Award - First prize Frankfurt (Germany)

2017 - International Competition Image of the Book - Diploma (Russia)

2017 - Russian Academy of Arts - Diploma (Russia)

2019 -  Nami Concours - Purple Island Award (South Korea)

2019 - AOI. Poster Prize for Illustration - London Stories. Shortlist (Great Britain)

2019 - Book Illustration Festival BookILL Fest - Special prize ( Novo Miloševo, Serbia)

2020 - Nomination for The Hans Christian Andersen Award (IBBY)

2021 - International Competition Image of the Book - Prizewinner (Russia)

2021 - American Illustration 40. Winner (USA)